The power of teamwork

Behind every great human achievement, there is a team.

From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, our products help teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software.

Our mission is to help unleash the potential of every team.
32 Aventeva Team
Global offices in 4 countries
200+ customers
1% donated of all profit, employee time, and equity
2% CSR Activities Yearly
30+ apps in our portfolio
Open feedback Community
Global software outreach

Meet the Team Behind Teams

Our people are the heart of Atlassian. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way.

Meet our Leadership Team

News and Press

Our people are the heart of Atlassian. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way.

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Values to live by

Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for. These five values shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. They’re hard-wired into our DNA and will stay the same as we continue to grow.

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Open company, no bullshit
Don’t #@!% the customer
Build with heart and balance
Be the change you seek We :heart: teams
Play, as a team

We :heart: teams

Over 200+ customers use Aventeva to empower their teams and drive their missions forward.

We take ‘Don’t #@!% the Customer’ seriously because our customers are the reason why we do what we do. It’s even why we price our products so every company can afford them. They inspire us, challenge us, and in turn, help us build better products.

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Taking the 1% Pledge

We've joined forces with leading companies around the world to donate 1% of equity, profit, employee time, and software licenses to the community.

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A vision for foundation

We created the Aventeva Foundation to help make the world a better place by partnering with local organizations and global ones like Room to Read.

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Join the ultimate team

Every Aventeva team member is encouraged to bring their truest, most authentic selves to work. We embrace diversity and are committed to providing a space free of discrimination for everyone.

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Corporate social responsibility

Aventeva is built to be open, inclusive, fair, and just. When we face tough questions about ethics, people, or the planet, we let those principles guide us.

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Working open

We believe all teams have the potential to do amazing things when work is open.

Much of the world works, often unwittingly, in a closed way. Information is hidden or lost, bonds between teams and teammates are weak, and perspectives are withheld. The result? People burn out. Knowledge is wasted. Potential is left on the table. Forward progress is halted. This is why Open matters. This is why we do what we do at Atlassian.

Open work has always been central to our values. It’s in the DNA of our products and we bring it to life through our practices. But it doesn’t just happen. Our teams make an effort to work, communicate, and collaborate openly every day to lead by example.

Open unlocks new opportunities. Open brings us together. Open unleashes potential.
Tools Beyond Software

Open in Action

Our people are the heart of Aventeva. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way.

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Tools Beyond Software

Introducing the Team Playbook

Our people are the heart of Aventeva. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way.

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Changing the way teams work together

Open work isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a practice. Take a deep dive into our original research and thinking around teamwork.

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Let's Open Up Work, Together

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From Diversity & Inclusionto Balance & Belonging

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10 way's to started with the Team Playbook

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3 Way's to improve collaboration by putting culture first

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